The Biggest Security Threats To Cars Today

Automotive SecurityThe days when locking your car gave you peace of mind are long gone. Nowadays, there are several new automotive security threats to cars to keep in mind. A report on vehicle tracking and hacking reveals that there are gaps in automotive security and privacy. There have been recent attacks on vehicle computer systems that reveal that car manufacturers need to be more vigilant. In this article, we review the potential automotive security threats affecting car owners all over Tarzana and beyond.

Car Manufacturers Just Aren’t Paying Enough Attention

Many new vehicles now come with computers that have wi-fi and other devices that connect to the internet. Secondly, the number of suppliers delivering them is on the rise. This ever-growing supply along with the increasing technology demand is a major threat to car security. This is because the chance that thieves will find and exploit loopholes in this technology is much higher now.

More Complex Products And Services We Don’t Understand

Many automotive manufacturers are focusing on making more complex, interconnected services. Any problems in these systems become a weak point and spur attackers to find one insecure opening. For example, it could be something as simple as a Bluetooth connection between the phone and the vehicle. Or an mp3 stereo system. Gaining access to such systems means that attackers can take control of the critical connections your vehicle’s security depends on.

Potential For Hacking Through Bugs In The Software Code

Generally, there is no software code that is 100% bug-free. For instance, modern cars come with more than 1000 lines of code in their computers. A simple bug in the code offers a massive attack opportunity for the cybercriminals. Plus, the amount of code in these computers is growing given how many cars now have connected systems. Vehicle manufacturers should come up with specific bug bounty programs that can counter these attacks.
Another potential software threat comes from the fact that these lines of code are developed by different programmers. These codes are then evaluated by a third party that is unrelated to the previous company. However, this does not necessarily guarantee more secure vehicle systems. Frankly, the attackers have a high potential of going unnoticed.

Car Security Is At Risk; But It’s Not Too Late

Ultimately, those are the potential security threats facing the automotive sector today. Basically, the vehicle manufacturers should address these threats to make sure that our vehicles are secure. Although this seems like a huge challenge, all they need to do is have better communication and organization when making the vehicles. And the people that develop these connected systems should continue to work closer with vehicle manufacturers to find solutions to these problems.