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Residential Locksmith Tarzana

ASAP Locksmith Tarzana provides Residential Locksmith Services at affordable and refreshing rates in the Tarzana area. However, a locksmith doesn’t just cut the keys for you; he can provide many other services as well. There are some services you wouldn’t even expect a locksmith to perform. Here is a rundown of residential locksmith services you can expect:

Key Cutting

Whether its 3 p.m. or 3 a.m. in the night, if you’ve lost your house keys and want to get in, your local locksmith can make keys for you and help you get inside your home. If you also need a spare set of keys made, our friendly technician can easily cut keys on the spot.

Fix Old and Install New Locks

Whether you need new locks installed on your doors, cabinets, windows, or ones that comply with your insurance policy. Our residential locksmiths at ASAP Locksmith Tarzana can easily help you with it. Additionally, they can fix your old locks and have them back to working as good as new.


If you don’t want to change your locks but still need them to work with a new set of keys. Our local locksmiths in your area will rekey your locks for you. We will change the tumbler configuration of the existing locks so they can only be opened with a new key. Rekeying is especially relevant if you don’t want to get your locks changed after moving into a new place.

Setting Up Security Systems

ASAP Locksmith Tarzana can help you set up state of the art security systems to keep your home safe. If you want a complete surveillance system for your house, or you need burglar safety alarms, call your nearest residential locksmith to get the job done.

Installing Deadbolts

Remember that contractors rarely install deadbolts and locks correctly. Therefore, when you remodel or renovate your house, you should hire our residential locksmiths to put the deadbolt locks exactly the way they should be installed. If the locks aren’t installed correctly, they will not offer you the security you need. And it may also affect your home insurance.

Help Finding The Right Type Of Lock For Your Safety

Most of us think that buying a lock at the flea market will get the job done. Remember that the lock might just serve the purpose of locking the door but not offer any security. Feel free to consult our qualified technicians on this issue. And they can discuss the right type of locks that will offer the best protection at the most affordable prices.

Installing Locked Safes

In case you want to get locked safes installed at home, ASAP Locksmith Tarzana can help you without a problem. They can not only install but also repair and offer maintenance services for locked safes as well.

Therefore, call ASAP Locksmith Tarzana today for help around the house in case you have a faulty lock or security system!

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